Right, so I’m going to start writing tonight, even if I don’t get everything down, so that I don’t wait so long that I start forgetting things. I am officially in Swansea, Wales! My departure from Dulles went smoothly, and coincidentally two other girls from UMW were on the same flight. It was surprisingly easy to say goodbye to my family, mostly because I know I’ll see them when they come to visit. Also, we made sure to keep the goodbyes upbeat and avoid any sadness. So far I’ve only felt homesick minimally, I suspect because I’ve just been too busy to have time to think about what I’m missing at home. The Virgin Atlantic flight was super nice. It was not crowded at all, so I got to lay down across two seats, which was good, since the 6 hour flight was my only sleep for about 48 hours. I could barely sleep though, I was too busy being pampered with a lovely bag of inflight goodies like and eyemask and cool socks, 2 meals and a variety of movies to choose from. It was so strange landing, because I knew we were coming into London, but all I could see till about a minute before impact was fog fog and fog. It was very disorienting having no idea of the altitude, and a little disappointing that I didn’t get a nice view of the city. Becky was my travel buddy, so together we found the bus station in the airport and bought tickets to Swansea. We didn’t see anything of London but the bus station, since we didn’t have much desire to go out in the super cold rain when we were so jet-lagged. I’m sure I’ll be back for a more enjoyable weekend though. I had grand plans to make the most of the bus ride by seeing 3 hours worth of countryside on the way to Swansea, but of course the lack of sleep, plus the fact that it felt like 3am caught up with me. I did manage to wake up for every stop, so I saw Bristol and Cardiff, as well as some other places I was too tired to remember. It was snowy in some places, and even snowed for part of the ride, but we made it all the way to Swansea with  no trouble. We actually got there way too early, around 2 pm, when our room at the bed and breakfast wouldn’t be ready till around 4. We had planned to hang out at the bus station in Swansea, but when we were dropped off by the bus, we realized that while all the other cities had had really nice stations, we had been put off in Swansea on the side of the road across from a supermarket. I learned a few days later that this was due to the fact that they’re renovating the bus station, but on that day it was an unwelcome surprise that did not give us the best first impression of the city. We happened to notice some cabs around the corner, which was very lucky since we were struggling with enough luggage to last us 6 months. We took the cab straight to the B&B despite being early. Luckily, the nice young couple who owned the B&B let us drop off our bags and gave us a map and directions on where to get some coffee and explore a bit while we waited for our room to be ready. Stay tuned to hear what my first night in Swansea and getting settled the next day were like!